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The Green and the Gold                                        

There are days in our memory we love and revere

There are days we remember with joy and with tears

In visions unnumbered, and pleasures untold,

We love thy dear colors, the GREEN and the GOLD.                                         

When all through the future where'er we may go,

We dream of the days of the GREEN and the GOLD

Inspired with the love in our hearts we shall know

How to love thee, to serve thee, the GREEN and the GOLD.

(Thanks to Craig Anderson, Class of '65, for MIDI programming.  Click here to play it once again.)

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More photographs will be added periodically.  Check back often for additional shots and surprises!

KHS in 1907 The original Kingsburg High School in 1907 (photo courtesy of Mark Jost) 
KHS in 1917  The familiar facade of KHS as seen in 1917 (photo courtesy of Mark Jost) 
Another view of KHS in 1917  Another view of Kingsburg High from 1917 (photo courtesy of Mark Jost) 
More of KHS in 1917 The main facade of KHS as it appeared in 1917 (photo courtesy of Mark Jost)
KHS from over 90 years ago KHS viewed directly to the east in 1917 (photo courtesy of Mark Jost)
The SW corner of KHS in 1917 The southwest corner of the KHS campus in 1917 (photo courtesy of Mark Jost)
KHS main entrance 1965 Main entrance and facade of  KHS (photo from the 1965 Viking)
KHS main entrance 1964 North Tower of KHS (photo from the 1964 Viking)
Park Drive In parking lot 1965 Park Drive In (photo from the 1965 Viking)
KHS and Pom Pon Girls in 1962 KHS 1962 (photo courtesy of the Class of '62)  
Aerial view of campus, 1966 An aerial view of the campus in 1966 (photo from the 1966 Viking)
Commercial postcard of KHS circa 1965 Kingsburg High School as it appeared in a 1965 postcard (courtesy of Nancy Bolton Williams, KHS '66)
Main entrance to KHS in 1972 The entrance to Kingsburg High as it appeared in 1972 (photo courtesy of Ellie Quattrin Dodd, KHS '73)
Main facade as demolition begins The main facade of KHS immediately prior to its demolition (photo from the 1972 Viking)

Viking Reunions

Click the logo on the left to go to the past KHS class-reunion photo page. 
Below, you'll be able to watch a short film on KHS shot during the winter of 1966-67.  It was produced by KFSN-TV as part of their look at the community of Kingsburg.  Insight into the school and its history is provided by then-Superintendent Grant Erickson.  Thanks to Julie Stone Olson (KHS '74) for providing this priceless artifact of Viking history.

  Here are two tunes that explore the uniqueness of "The Kingsburg Experience."  The first is by former KHS track star and member of the New Christy Minstrels, Clarence Treat.  The second is by Jeff Anderson (KHS '67), bassist for the iconic 60s band, The Sedate Sunshine Colony.